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West Papua Forest Meets GCF Funding Criteria
21 June 2019 - by Yanuarus Anouw

Manokwari - this vast West Papua Primary Forest, was declared to have met the criteria for funding support from the Green Climate Fund (GCF). This was revealed in the GCF funding potential workshop in West Papua Province, which took place in Manokwari, Wednesday (06/19/2019).According to Noor Syaifudin, Head of the Climate Change Funding Sub-Sector, Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF), Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, in his speech the Workshop on the Potential Funding for the Green Climate Fund stated the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change or United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that has developed a financing scheme through the GCF.This is to help several developing countries such as Indonesia to achieve emissions reduction targets and tackle the effects of climate change through regional action. Very large regional action to contribute to Climate Change so the GCF Initiative initiative to encourage government stakeholders through the central and regional Government Priority programs that have an impact on the main objectives of the funding, at SwissBel Hotel Manokwari, Wednesday (06/19/2019) ago.Noor continued, To carry out this Climate Change Project, the GCF was overseen through the Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF), the Indonesian Ministry of Finance which functions as the National Designated Authority (NDA) or as the NDA Secretariat. The main task of the NDA is to ensure that large-scale programs developed from UN funding through the GCF and must be synchronized with the priorities and targets of the central government relating to climate change.One of the strategies is the commitment of the Indonesian government with the 2030 Emission reduction target through the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) with a target of 29% funding scheme is funding from Indonesia and if funding from other developed countries 41% contributes to climate change mitigation projects in Indonesia.While the Indonesian government's commitment through climate change adaptation projects is poured in sub-sector projects such as Food Security and energy sovereignty, resiliance economics, resiliance life system, Ecosystem Resiliance, Resiliary Special Territory, Supporting System, Cities, Coastal, and Small Islands.This funding scheme from the GCF, Indonesia has a list of climate programs that are in line with the priorities of the national action plan and have gone through a climate finance mapping study in Indonesia. Since most programs are designed or implemented at the regional level, the NDA needs to widely publish information about the GCF to regional stakeholders, from local governments, the private sector, universities, Non-Governmental Organizations, development partners to indigenous groups specifically in West Papua and Maluku.In his opening remarks on the Potential Funding Activities of the GCF, the Governor of West Papua, represented by Regional Secretary (SEKDA) Nataniel D. Mandacan read in written texts that the GCF activities were part of the commitment and follow-up to the Manokwari Declaration through the International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecotourism and Creative activities Economy (ICBE) last 2018. And it is inseparable from our Spatial Plan (RTRW) with a target of 70% to protect ecosystems and tropical forests in West Papua.Continue Mandacan, The main cause of the increase in Greenhouse Gases (GHG) is increasing deforestation in West Papua so that there are new breakthroughs that must be made by the local government to overcome this GHG. One of the Manokwari Declarations has a shared vision of Papua Land namely Peaceful, Sustainable, Sustainable and Dignified Papua Land which contains 14 items, Province of Conservation and low carbon (Low Carbon). The commitment of the Provincial Government is lowered at the level of the City District which has become a Conservation District, for example Tambrauw, the Arfak Mountains, Raja Ampat and of course other districts.Tanah Papua has been plotted by irresponsible parties so that the Regional Government takes commitment with a variety of positive initiatives to overcome adverse problems. At present, company activities on the ground are underway so that government programs and other policies such as low carbon, the Manokwari Declaration and others are important to be understood by all parties, said Secretary Nataniel D. Mancana at the end of his speech while opening the GCF Funding Potential Workshop in West Papua.The event was attended by government stakeholders consisting of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, the Government of West Papua, the Government of Maluku, Regency and City governments, Academics, NGOs and other Development Partners.
The purpose of the workshop was held at Swiss Belhotel, Manokwari, West Papua, Wednesday-Thursday, June 19-20 2019, stakeholders in the region, such as West Papua Province and Maluku Province can access alternative funding sources to finance priority projects or development programs low emissions.Dessi Yuliana stated in the presentation of the Green Climate Fund material, the GCF had approved funding assistance of US $ 100 million for the Indonesia Geothermal Resource Risk Mitigation Projec (GREM) project with a total investment of US $ 410 million which was run by PT. Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (persero) as an institution accredited. In addition, the GCF fund will also be channeled by the GCF to the preparation of the Bus Rapid Transit transportation mode facility in Semarang worth US $ 1.25 million.The Green Investment Specialist (GGGI), appointed by BKF as a delivery partner (delivery partner) in the implementation of the GCF Readiness And Preparatory Support Program (RPSP) in Indonesia. "GGGI provides a preparation and preparedness support program for BKFs and other institutions to increase capacity so as to be able to access GCF funding, our goal is to help improve the readiness of BKFs in carrying out their roles as MDAs," Dessi explainedThe Workshop activities are divided into three important issues consisting of Agroforestry, Food And Security (AFOLU), Energy, Adaptation and Mitigation. Then a discussion was carried out and explained the results of the discussion and this formula became the policy of the government of West Papua Province and Maluku Province to overcome this Climate Change.The Bentara Papua Representative also emphasized that there must be a joint commitment and all parties interpret Government policies to address the current gaps. In this formulation, there must also be an impact on the people who consistently maintain their indigenous territories and forests for the benefit of climate change.The results of this formulation, Sambuug Dessi, will be a priority program of the Government of West Papua Province and Maluku for the preparation of Note Proposals or concepts to the finance and GCF ministries. *)

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