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Ten Appeals Papua Generation of Forest Love
12 February 2020 - by Ab Yomo

Papua's forests and seas are a unity that cannot be separated by anyone. The Papua Forest and Sea are assets for the people of Papua. When the forest is destroyed, the livelihoods of the Papuan people will be lost / extinct, conversely, the marine resources are destroyed, the livelihoods of the coastal people of Papua will be lost so it is very important to protect and protect the Papua Rain Forest as a source of livelihood and the sea as a source of life support for Orang Asli in the Land of Papua.
Through the Bentara Papua Rainforest Festival held on October 22-28, 2019 in Solol Village, West Salawati District, Raja Ampat Regency, we, the Millennial Forest Love Generation (GEN-MCH) of Papua, invite all parties, both the Central Government, Local Governments, Non-Institutions Government, Security Persons, Religious Leaders, Indigenous Leaders, Youth Leaders, Women Leaders and Kampung Solol Communities and Papuan Communities in general, Together we protect and save the Forest and the sea for the Future Supporting our lives to be managed sustainably, fairly, and local wisdom.
We, the Millennial Generation of Forest Love (GEN-MCH) of Papua, invite all parties to commit to safeguard the Papua Forest and the Papua Sea as a source of life and economic resource for the people of Papua. For this reason, we call for the following:
1. Tanah Papua is the Mother of Papuans, so we are committed to protecting and protecting the Land of Papua.
2. Land of Papua Rich land. Land of Papua is a paradise that fell to earth. Papuans are Heirs to protect and save the land of Papua from forest and marine destroyers conglomerates who want to control Papua's natural resources.
3. Papua's forests as a source of support and livelihood for Papuans, we call on all leaders above Papua to protect and preserve the forest and marine resources of the Papuans as part of the living ecosystem and future of our children and grandchildren.
4. Forest and Marine Natural Resources are Banks, Economic assets for Papuans, without forests and the sea, the Papuan people cannot afford to pay for children's education and cannot be graduates. We therefore call for all forms of exploitation of Papua's natural resources to be stopped by all leaders on the land of Papua.
5. We call on all Papuan Youth, all Papuan Women and all Papuan Leaders to campaign for saving Papua's forests and seas and defending the customs and local wisdom of indigenous peoples in the land of Papua.
6. We call on the leaders of this country to revoke the granting of licenses to large-scale companies such as the Palm Oil Company, Timber Company, Land Mining Company and Sea Mining Company which are eroding the natural resources in Papua.
7. We call on the Governors of Papua and West Papua to keep the promise and commit to carry out the points set out in the 2018 Manokwari Declaration for the protection of forest areas in the Land of Papua.
8. We call on the President and Vice President of Indonesia to stop all forms of mining exploitation in the Land of Papua.
9. We call on the Chief of the Indonesian National Police and the Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces to firmly oppress the perpetrators of environmental destruction.
10. We call on all Papuans to support efforts to conserve nature and protect forests in the Land of Papua, for the sake of a future that is civilized, just, sustainable and sustainable.
This is our call for Papua Youth who are members of the Millennial Love Forest Group (GEN-MCH), participants of the 2019 Bentara RainForest Festival in Solol Village, West Salawati District, Raja Ampat Islands District.
The undersigned in a joint appeal to the Millennial Generation of Forest Love (GEN-MCH) Papua (Attached)

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