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Teachers, Lecturers and Researchers in West Papua are expected to be able to take advantage of the Igya ser hanjop Journal
12 February 2020 - by Ab Yomo

Manokwari (11/2/2020), - The Regional Research and Development Agency of West Papua Province held a Dissemination and Publication of Regional Research and Innovation Research Results in Manokwari, Tuesday (02/11/2020).
There are 8 research results that are presented in this dissemination activity. The material for the first session was the Impact of Protected Area Management and Tourism on the Income of Papuans, Economic Policy Studies in West Papua Province and Analysis of the Need for Renewable Alternative Energy Sources in West Papua Province.
Continued with session 2, namely Academic Study of Papuan Orang Asli Education System with Dormitory Patterns, Policy Review and Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation in West Papua, Inventory of Regional Innovation Results in West Papua Province, West Papua Mangrove Expedition and High Carbon Stock (HCS) Survey ) / High Carbon Stock in the Regency of Bintuni Bay and Sorong Selatan Regency.
In addition, there was additional material, namely Urgency in Dissemination of Research, which was delivered by Moh. Ilham Hamudy, S.IP., M.Soc.Sc from the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Ministry of Home Affairs), as well as Intellectual Property Rights and Benefits for Research and Development Institutions, delivered by the Head of West Papua Law and Human Rights Office, Drs. Theo Ayorbaba, M.H.
The first panel discussion was moderated by Hendra Fatubun, S.Hut from the West Papua Balitbangda. Hendra then gave Moh the first chance. Ilham Hamudy to deliver the material.
"I will not explain about dissemination, publications and the like, but I will focus on Igya ser hanjop (Scientific Journal published by the West Papua Research and Development Agency). I am very happy when West Papua can launch it. Because even though it's only 3 years old, the West Papua Research and Development Agency already has a Scientific Journal, "Ilham Hamudy said, starting his presentation.
If in college, he continued, that's normal. But this is published by Balitbangda which is only about the age of corn, which is extraordinary. "But there are still many shortcomings of Igya ser hanjop (scientific journal). We know there is Permenristekdikti Number 9 of 2018. All scientific publications can no longer be printed versions, the electronic version is correct. Because the electronic version is registered at Ristekdikti, "he explained.
The Balitbangda, said Ilham Hamudy, is under the guidance of the Ministry of Research and Development of the Ministry of Home Affairs. So it must comply with the regulations of the Minister of the Interior. Permendagri No. 17 of 2016 requires that all research and development results be published in scientific journals.
"Even though the Permendagri does not require you to make a scientific journal, the results of the checks carried out during one fiscal year, must be published. But we are not just dependent on Permendagri 17, but there is also Ristekdikti as well, "he said.
In Unipa (University of Papua), Ilham continued, he found that there were several journals published, but the only ones that had been accredited were the Indopasific Aquatic Resources journal (, the journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Unipa. The journal including Sprott 3. category. Technology Index is a portal that contains the measurement of the performance of Science and Technology which includes the performance of researchers, writers, authors, journal performance and the performance of science and technology institutions.
The main advantage of SINTA compared to other indexing portals is that it can automatically index works that have been indexed on Google Scholar, Scopus, InaSTI and Indonesian Publication Index (IPI)).
"Now this must be encouraged. If the West Papua Balitbangda seizes the opportunity, this will be very helpful. Because this journal is very important for colleagues who have a functional predicate (lecturers, teachers, researchers), the credit score is from there. I see FKIP Unipa there are 5 journals, but none have been accredited, "he explained.
One journal, said Ilham, had a maximum of 10 articles. Therefore, considering that there are many teachers, lecturers and researchers in West Papua, this Igya Ser Anjop can be a place for publicizing the results of their research so that they can at least be promoted or collect credit points.
"Igya  ser hanjop  journal is about sustainable development. So if you have scientific work related to sustainable development, you can submit it to Igya ser hanjop. It is published twice a year (June and December). Each issue contains six articles. Length is 38 -40 thousand characters without spaces. Hopefully this year it can be electronic, so that the trip can be accredited. If it only stops at the print level, it will not be accredited, "he stressed.
Ilham Hamudy who is also the editor-in-chief of the Bina Praja scientific journal of the Ministry of Home Affairs BPP even provided input on articles that have been published in the Igya Serhanjop Journal."The writing system must be improved again, then the bibliography used cannot also be traced, so it must refer to scientific articles that are electronic in nature, so that they are easily traced. In addition, there are several people involved in several writings, it also cannot be published in one publication number. One name, can only be in one issue number. "Now, those are some of the weaknesses of the articles that I had read in the journal Igya ser hanjop," he said. (To be continued)
Written by: Ab Yomo

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