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Results of the West Papua CSO Coalition Meeting are being worked on by the Formulation Team
05 February 2020 - by Ab Yomo

"Formulation Result Documents Will Be Delivered in the Short Term"
Manokwari, 30/01 / 2020, - For three days, a number of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in West Papua and several National NGOs (NGOs) held a meeting discussing strategic steps for cooperation between institutions in relation to sustainable development in the province of West Papua. The meeting was held in Manokwari, Tuesday-Thursday (28-30 / 01/2020).
On the first day meeting, specifically for West Papua CSOs, which aims to accommodate and unite perceptions about what shared goals are expected? and what kind of communication you want with NGOs at the national level.
The first day's discussion was quite tough and there were even many views about this coalition. There were participants who asked why they should form a coalition, what are their interests? there were participants who were pessimistic, because they were worried that this coalition would be like the previous coalition that could not help CSOs in other districts or walk on their own. Some are of the view that a coalition or joint alliance is important, because it will be a force in a joint movement to drive change in West Papua and even Papua in general.
"I have not seen all of us given the opportunity to honestly answer the big problems that previously occurred, so that the coalition used to be running not according to what was expected," said Solihin, one of the meeting participants. activist who had worked at the Perdu NGO and is now an expert staff at West Papua MRP.
According to him, there are things that are trivial but then become the main nuisance. He then gave an example, for example there are colleagues who are still suspicious of each other, elbowing each other, elbowing each other behind the decay, mutually dropping, and others.
"In my opinion, if these things were not honestly expressed and then sought a joint solution, the coalition or whatever we called it in 2020 will suffer the same fate," he said.
Next, continued Solihin, do CSOs in West Papua still need what is called coalition? Because according to him, the strength of the coalition is not on the coalition as a forum or a place to meet then convey ideas, but the strength of the coalition lies with each member. Where if each member is able to manage their institutions well, then that is actually the power of the coalition. These things that he said were not answered and had to be resolved at this meeting.
"If the coalition runs with 50 members, then 40 members are ill, there are 5 members who want to die, or 5 members have offices, but there is no activity, it remains the same. That is not yet seen in our main issue, "he explained.
Another thing, continued Solihin, should be the alignment of the position of CSOs in collaboration with the Government and CSOs who were in opposition to the government, and had to discuss what changes were expected from the coalition? or what kind of social change is expected? "If this is not yet clear, I'm sure the coalition formed will be like the coalition yesterday (2013/2014)," he stressed.
Besides Solihin, there were other participants who also gave different opinions but on the same substance, then the inputs were accommodated into a number of issues discussed in the four groups. The results of the discussion of these 4 groups were further elaborated by the drafting team to be compiled into a joint agreement document.
On the first day also continued with the election of the coalition coordinator. Of the two candidates, the Papuan Conservation Director, Esau Yaung and the Arrow Director of Papua, Sulfianto, finally Esau Yaung, who was dominant, got the support of the participants.
Then the second day continued with the presentation of a number of National NGOs, ranging from TAF, WRI, GGGI, Clua, Econusa, Samdhana, and several other institutions. Then continue the discussion and question and answer. In essence, all national NGOs really value Local CSOs in West Papua and are open to cooperation. It's just that it takes a shared understanding in terms of responsibility and good communication, so that no one is harmed or victimized and the tails will blame each other.
Then on the third day, continued with the discussion of the road map. The results of the road map discussion are then submitted to the formulating team to be formulated properly, and will be submitted to the coalition members after the formulation has been completed. (Targeted for April or June).
The initiator or dynamicist of the workshop activities, Andi Saragih, felt happy and proud, because his desire to reunite Local CSO colleagues in West Papua could be realized and carried out well.
"I hope there is room for CSO friends in the bird's head region (West Papua Province) to sit together to unite thoughts related to social, cultural, economic and environmental conditions including Natural Resources in West Papua," he explained.
Andi said, all this time temCSO friends are in the coalition, but it is not going well, so this meeting is actually in order to tidy it up, and make West Papua CSOs better organized, so that it is stronger and more solid in fighting for a shared vision and mission, in addition to the vision and mission of each organization. respectively.
"We also invite national friends (NGOs) who work in West Papua. It is hoped that communication can be established better, so there is no mutual suspicion, but instead collaborate to encourage change in West Papua, "said the former Director of Papua Mnukwar.
Meanwhile, West Papua CSO Coalition Coordinator, Esau Yaung said, the first step he would take was to conduct consultations with a number of CSOs in Regencies / Cities in West Papua. "To see what important things should be and immediately pushed together. I think this is an important basic meeting, to arrange joint agendas going forward, according to what was discussed over the past three days, "he explained. *)
Written by Ab Yomo

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