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69 Maps Collected, But Much Needs Repairing
16 January 2020 - by Admin

"From Workshop IV Spatial Database Participatory Maps of the Customary Law communities of West Papua Province"Manokwari, - To check and clarify the results of compilation of participatory map data, check the preparedness of the protocol host or participatory mapping data portal and discuss opportunities and challenges going forward, Bentara Papua and a number of NGOs and CSOs in West Papua gathered in Manokwari in Workshop IV activities, which was held in Manokwari, Wednesday (01/15/2020).Workshop IV is intended to discuss data protocols, data standardization and updating, and data accountability. The expected outcome is that data can be used to support advocacy work, especially data accommodated in the revised RTRW and West Papua RPJMD revised documents.YunusYumthe from Samdhana Institut, one of the initiators of the workshop, explained that this workshop IV was a continuation of the I-III workshop that was conducted in 2018-2019. "Why the IV workshop? The initiative began in August 2018, starting with the question, how do we demonstrate the power of data to conduct advocacy related to space policy. Then from the results of discussions with several friends, it was agreed to collect some data from friends who were there, "said Yunus starting the discussion in this workshop IV.He continued, the first workshop was held on 9-11 August 2018. The result was that the data compiled 43 maps in various formats (JPEG, PDF, SHP), both digital and analog, which were deposited on the WRI server. However, the data could not have been done and to ensure that the data was moving, further workshops were made.He continued, the second workshop was held on 14-15 February 2019 at UPT Geo Spatial Unipa. At the meeting, SOP and MoU Draft were discussed, then a technical team was formed consisting of 6 representatives from several institutions. The output is the production of SOP draft, MoU draft, and team 6 with the help of three advisors. Then the two Drafts were carried out on 30 April 2019 in the same place. The output is the final SOP and the signing of the MoU with a number of institutions to build a spatial database."The Team 6 then worked from April to September 2019, preparing all data. At that time 53 maps were collected. Then a Workshop on the Submission of Data to the Provincial Government of West Papua was conducted, but then the program was changed for no apparent reason. So the work in 2019 was still limited to compiling map data, "he said.Jonah also read back chapters 1 and 2 which were stated in the MoU; that the basis of a collective agreement to support and collect participatory maps, then look at policy opportunities at the central, provincial and district levels that provide challenges in protecting the rights of indigenous peoples and the protection of natural resources. Third, maintaining and fostering the spirit and common goals in advocating and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples. Finally, the need to communicate spatial and non-spatial data in efforts to protect the rights of indigenous peoples and the protection of natural resources.After the opening introduction, continued with the presentation of the work of the team of six by Yan Piet Wamaer from Mnukwar Papua. Yan said, the latest update (January 2020) 69 maps had been collected in various formats, both SHP, JPEG and Pdf from 15 institutions. From the data collected, said Yan, team 6 was only limited to compilation, without editing or fiddling with what the 15 institutions had provided. But unfortunately, Yan said, the data collected from these 15 institutions were not all complete. There is a number of important information that does not appear in the map collected, both social data, map attributes, etc. important elements of a map. "There are still a lot of holes. This is what I think we need to discuss too," he said.Then the joint discussion provided input from all participants, in relation to the spatial database of participatory indigenous peoples' maps in West Papua. Discussion and results of the IV workshop continued on the second day, Thursday (01/16/2020). *)Written by Ab Yomo

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