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Indigenous Peoples Must Be More Ready to Manage Their Own Forests
15 March 2020 - by Admin

"From the Consolidation of Manggroholo Sira's LPHD Partners in Teminabuan"

Teminabuan, - Head of the Forestry and Social Forestry Development Division of the West Papua Province Forestry Service, Yunus W. Krey, S.Hut, M.Si hopes that indigenous peoples in Manggroholo and Kampung Sira villages are better prepared to manage their own forests.
"The most important thing is how the community's readiness in facing future developments in their own forest management," said Yunus W. Krey when attending a consolidation meeting of the Manggroholo Sira Village Forest Management Agency (LPHD) in Teminabuan, Monday-Tuesday (9-10 / 2020) .
The West Papua Provincial Forestry Service, said Yunus, will back up or support the activities carried out by LPHD Manggroholo and Sira. He also gave high appreciation to Greenpeace and Bentara Papua, who have been assisting MHDroholo and Sira LPHDs in forest management in these two villages.
He continued, given the limitations of human resources and financing within the scope of the West Papua Forest Service, so Greenpeace and Bentara Papua's support is indeed needed. " We are very grateful for these NGO friends, it is extraordinary, "he said.
Head of the Section for the Preparation of Social Forestry Areas and Businesses in the Maluku Maluku Region PSKL, Lenijie S.Y Leleulya, S.Hut, M.Si added, that the Manggroholo and Sira LPHD KUPS classes were at the Silver stage, meaning that there was a management plan and had a business unit. Furthermore, it will be upgraded to get to the Gold stage.
"How to get to Gold or Gold class? To get to this class, LPHD Manggroholo Sira must be able to sell their products at the local level on a regular and more productive basis, "he explained.
Leni, his nickname, hopes Greenpeace and Bentara Papua continue to assist LPHD Manggroholo and Sira. "We, the government, have not been able to routinely meet problems in the field, apart from large areas and limited personnel, so we need the role of other institutions," he said.
Greenpeace and Bentara Papua, continued Leni, have proven to be very intensive in providing assistance in MHDroholo and Sira LPHDs. They are always in the community, and the programs that are run are also quite good, just need to be improved. "We from the government will always assist, but with the methods and mechanisms that we use in the government," he said.
Greenpeace Campaigner in Papua, Amos Sumbung said, this meeting was actually to form a collaborative collaboration so that it would no longer run on its own. "By collaborating together, we hope LPHD Manggroholo and Sira can be even more advanced," he said.
Amos also hopes that LPHD Manggroholo and Sira will be more creative and more innovative. "They must feel that this is their property, and all the programs compiled are for their benefit. So they are the ones who should be in the front to work more seriously than the Supporting NGOs or the government, "he hoped. *)

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