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PGSC is one of the ideas of Unifying the Culture of Papua "I think this is the first time in Papua, there is a music festival online"
03 June 2020 - by Admin

Manokwari, - Papua Green Sound and Culture (PGSC) is one of the ideas of Bentara Papua which focuses on young people. This activity is more emphasized for young people to further enhance creativity. "The unifying language in Papua in general is through music," said Yudi, the Person in Charge of PGSC when conducting a press conference at Pondok Bentara, Wednesday (3/6/2020).
For this reason, PGSC is a way for Bentara Papua to campaign for forest protection with a music competition held since 2018.
This year's PGSC is different from the previous year, because it was carried out in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The method used is also different. Previously, PGSC, the participants only sent their creations through video without having to appear directly, but this year with the theme: Music from the House for Nature and Culture of Papua, will be carried out directly through existing social media.
Yudi also explained, this concept will be made like an online music festival. "I think this is the first time in Papua, there is an online music festival," added Yudi.
Bentara Papua believes that through music, other people will realize the importance of protecting nature. Because in this PGSC competition all participants are free to create their work and create according to their style. Not only that, this competition also does not charge registration fees, so that all people can become participants. The contested works are also their own works and have never been published.
Yudi hopes that PGSC can become a platform for musicians in Papua who want to voice their love for nature. So that more and more people are aware of and love for nature and their respective cultures. (nov)

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