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Bentara Rainforest Festival 2019
10 November 2019 - by Admin
The Bentang Nusantara (Bentara) Association of Papua has organized the Papua Forest Camp or Bentara Rainforest Festival (BRF) 2019, which is centered in Solol Village, West Salawati District, Raja Ampat Regency, 21-29 October 2019. Activities that carry the theme: "Our Breath of Life Forest" is an initiative of the Bentara Papua Association in building critical awareness in the Bentara assisted villages in the management of fair and sustainable natural resources.
The purpose of this activity is divided into two parts, namely general objectives; Support the commitment of the government and community in carrying out sustainable forest management and conducting a forest rescue campaign based on the characteristics and local wisdom of indigenous peoples in the land of Papua.
Whereas the Specific Purpose; Build awareness of the younger generation towards the benefits of sustainable forest management in Tanah Papua. Promoting the cultural values ??of indigenous peoples related to wise forest management. Open the views of millennial youth about the benefits of land management as an alternative source of livelihood. Build a community of young forest watchers / guards and Spread positive information, and disseminate to the public through audiovisual (media campaigns).
The number of participants involved in the Forest Camp is approximately 60 people, consisting of young people from around Salawati Barat and Batanta (Raja Ampat Regency), Manokwari, Arfak Mountains, Sorong and South Sorong, who care about environmental themes.
The forms and activities of the Camp Tent include; Discuss the role of Millennials in protecting forests, then share experiences on documenting and mapping forest potential. There was also a discussion session on socio-cultural issues in Tanah Papua about the livelihood systems of farming, hunting, gathering, fishing, services, and selling land and forests.
In addition, there was an experience sharing session on processing Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) and Product Exhibition (NTFPs) initiated by youth and women's groups, as well as materials related to the campaign for managing forests based on local wisdom values ??in a sustainable and sustainable manner.
Just to note, BENTARA Papua is a non-governmental organization engaged in indigenous youth and women's issues, food security and entrepreneurship of local commodities, and conservation of natural resources.
One of the efforts made to involve young people in sustainable natural resource management is to carry out the activities of the Papua Forest Camp. This camp involves youth from various regions in West Papua and has been held routinely every year since 2014, which always carries various themes about forest protection with its tagline: #adagatutan #jagahutanpapua # jagaalampapua. *)
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