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Arfak People Don't Make Thousand Feet Houses from Palm
27 February 2020 - by Ab Yomo

"Greenpeace Papua Jurkam's statement was stunned by Nunik from ANJ"

Manokwari (19/02/2020), - Nunik Maharani Maulana, Director of PT Permata Putera Mandiri (PPM) and PT Putera Manunggal Perkasa (PMP), two Austindo Nusantara Jaya (ANJ) business units operating in South Sorong, openly mock up the statement of Greenpeace Indonesia's Campaigner for Papua, Nico Wamafma, in a workshop on Sustainable Palm Oil Plantation and Socialization of Presidential Instruction No.6 of 2019, in Manokwari, Wednesday (02/19/2020).
When given the opportunity to explain ANJ's work in South Sorong, Nunik said he was happy with what Nico Wamafma said from Greenpeace. "I was very pleased with Mr. Niko's statement from Greenpeace, after saying that oil palm plantations are not forests, oil palm is a predator, oil palm brings conflict, but the last point is that oil is OK, as long as it is well managed and does not eliminate the life chains of people in Papua," said Nunik.
Well, he continued, what are the measurements for this third point, and what kind of palm oil company is expected? What size? Because according to him, the ANJ Group which operates in Papua, wants to be a model, that this is a palm oil company that is suitable for Papua.
"Now is not the time to say, you are bad, we do not accept you here, but how we collaborate. Again, the fact is we are here, we operate legally, how can we do our best for the good of the people of Papua, thank you, "he concluded.
Responding to this statement, Nico Wamafma said it was not new, especially since this was their stage. "Did you hear that? Did I say that the oil palm was OK ?," said Nico while laughing. According to Nico, what he said earlier was from the point of view of the community. If Greenpeace's attitude is clear; against the expansion of oil palm in Indonesia, especially in Papua.
The following is Nico Wamafma's statement during the question and answer session at the workshop:
We are talking about sustainable palm oil, but at the same time, like the remarks of the Governor of West Papua, who have reminded about the journey of the Government and community commitments in the Land of Papua in October 2018 (Manokwari Declaration). The Manokwari agreement should also be placed in this concept of sustainability.
When we talk about sustainable palm oil, what is its position on Manokwari's commitment like? Whether this sustainability will provide certainty that Manokwari's commitment will become a reality or is it just an agreement on paper signed by the two Governors in the Land of Papua.
When talking about sustainable palm oil, I want to be placed on the following three thoughts:
First, we have committed Greenpeace Indonesia when talking about oil palm plantations, oil palm plantations are not forests, oil palm is fake or imitation forest. The oil palm plantation has destroyed or reduced the area of ??natural forest. That is a threat. Oil palm will never be able to replace the function of the forest given by God on the land of Papua.
Palm is the same as predators. It consumes water but also encroaches on natural forests and destroys the goal of a good state, which is to create prosperity for all the people of Indonesia.
Palm on its journey in the Land of Papua, is the cause of social conflict between citizens and the government, residents and the company. The relationship between humans and nature, their livelihood, their culture is gone. For Papuans, losing the forest means losing their identity. Because the practice of Papuan life in all tribes is related to the forest.
Biak people can make boats, that's because there is a forest, arfak people can make millipedes, it's because of the forest. Arfak people do not make a house a thousand feet from palm oil. This part is important to look at as a matter of principle when talking about oil palm and its sustainability, but it also does not neglect Papuan relations with the forest.
If it is well placed, I think the community can support, if the policy does not destroy the life chain of the Papuan people. Thank you.*)
Written by Ab Yomo

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